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for Modern Living

Overview of our Company

Linear Interior Systems was created with a specific focus to provide world renowned, leading edge, quality driven products.

Our systems are designed and manufactured to enhance the look and function of any modern living or working environment.

With our products, form meets function.

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Sliding Door Solutions

Add Productivity wrapped in Elegance to your Office…
…add Contemporary Design and Simplistic Privacy to your Condominium

Built to last, designed to enhance and add style to your condominium, residential or office environment.  Linear Interior Systems will work with your project manager to design and specify the appropriate system that is a good fit for your build.  We have a variety of heavy duty, quiet Sliding Door products, with Soft Close features, to span narrow to very wide door openings.

Wooden Sliding Doors

From simple single hanging wooden doors, to wide, mutli-panel wooden drag doors, Linear Interior Systems has every accessory kit you could possibly require to fit the needs of your opening.  Your customers will unknowingly feel the quality and durability when using Linear Interior System Sliding doors, but their simplistic, modern designs very much add to contemporary feeling of the room.

Sliding Glass Doors

Open up and let the light flood in through the room using Linear Interior Systems Sliding Glass Door solutions for your high end condominium, residential or office build.  Glass drag door systems are designed to span large wall sections, providing functionality and privacy. Optional clear glass, frosted glass and colored glass are available upon request.


Wall Partition Systems

Professional Office Wall Partitions

Functional and stylish office wall partitions customized for your building requirements are what Linear Interior Systems specializes in.  Your vision for an organized, inviting, open concept and sound proof environment can be realized with our line of wall partition products.

Designed with quality in mind, Linear Interior Systems uses premium quality aluminum and crystal clear, thick panel glass, aimed to let the light flow through the work space, yet provide the sound privacy needed for confidential engagements.  For environments where visual privacy is desired, Linear Interior Systems offers elegant and stylish frosted glass panels designed to let the natural light flood the area, while maintaining privacy.

Glass wall partitions come in a wide array of configurations including vertically arranged wide or narrow panels that span from the floor to the ceiling, giving you that high ceiling effect.  If you are looking for a sleek look to run along a long wall partition, Linear Interior Systems has a beautiful wide panel configuration, designed to block off large sections of the office, while letting the light shine through from the outer walls, into the core office environment.

Glass Wall Partitions Reduce Bottom Line Impact

Natural light will increase productivity with your employees by bringing their energy level up as compared to environments lit strictly by fluorescent bulbs.  Linear Interior Systems glass wall partitions increase the amount of natural light throughout the office, thereby reducing the amount of fluorescent bulbs needing to be on during office hours.

Natural light exposure in the office can improve productivity, quality of life and even positively impact your employees sleep quality at night!  So, with Linear Interior Systems wall partition systems, productivity in the office, coupled with energy savings and the durable elegance make our solution a win win.


Bathroom Solutions

Professional Bathroom Solutions: Adding Style to Functionality

Linear Interior Systems quality bathroom solutions include Polished Stainless backlit medicine cabinets, impressive modern faucets, and bath accessories to provide convenient living enhancements.

We have a wide selection of high end vanities that include single or double sinks, inset or vessel sink styles, with optional soft close drawer and cabinet configurations.  All of Linear Interior Systems vanities and bathroom solution cabinets are available in a range of finishes including Pearl White, Wenge, Walnut, Light Oak, Pearl Black and more.

Linear Interior Systems line of medicine cabinets and backlit mirrors has your project covered with an impressive selection and options for any type of installation.  From understated oval mirrors and medicine cabinet combinations to integrated TV and stereo controls, to horizontal slide outs, Linear Interior Systems medicine cabinets will compliment your bathroom oasis.

Our bathroom accessories really add that finishing touch to your bathroom with our unique, concealed surface mounting style.  Our towel bars and robe hooks really take the utility of the bathroom to a new level, adding style to functionality.

Elegant faucets and plumbing fixtures bring beauty and braun together.  From sleek tub spouts, to concealed single lever multi functional shower valves, Linear Interior Systems has the bathroom solutions you want for your development project.

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